5 Benefits of Chiropractic Treatment After a Car Accident in San Antonio, TX

Chiropractic San Antonio, TX Car Accident

Many experts recommend chiropractic treatment after one has been involved in an accident in San Antonio, TX. The chiropractor will concentrate on adjusting your spine to realign the spinal cord. Following this treatment, you can anticipate reduced inflammatory cytokine production and relief from back pain. It's important to distinguish between inflammatory back pain and mechanical back pain. Inflammatory back pain, characterized by excessive inflammation, may manifest as heightened pain and stiffness after prolonged inactivity. If inflammation is the underlying cause of your back pain, you may experience increased severity in the mornings upon waking up.

Reduce Inflammation in San Antonio, TX

Injuries, such as those from car accidents, often trigger inflammation as the body's natural healing response. While some inflammation is necessary for healing, excessive inflammation can cause discomfort and tissue damage. Our chiropractors at Moore Chiropractic focus on spinal manipulation to realign the spine, aiming to reduce inflammation and back pain. It's essential to differentiate between inflammatory and mechanical back pain, as excessive inflammation can lead to increased discomfort and stiffness, especially in the mornings.

Reduce Scar Tissue

Following recovery from an automobile injury, it's common to notice scar tissue formation. While scar tissue is a natural part of the healing process, it can lead to stiffness and persistent discomfort over time. Being seen by Moore Chiropractic is advisable as we can apply specialized techniques to target and break down scar tissue, promoting accelerated healing for personal injury treatment.

Minimize Pain

Chiropractic adjustments after being involved in an accident can reduce your body's pain. During these spinal adjustments, the body naturally releases pain-relieving hormones, minimizing pain.

Restore Range of Motion

Car accidents often affect the body, leading to a loss of flexibility in the back of the neck. This limitation can stem from misaligned spinal joints and inflammation from scar tissue formation. At Moore Chiropractic, our chiropractic doctors can help restore your mobility by realigning your spine and returning the joints to their proper position.

Experience Non-Invasive Treatment

No one loves surgeries, especially due to an auto injury. The injury is already painful, so surgery will only make matters worse. Yet, delaying chiropractic care for your injuries could ultimately leave surgery as the only option. Fortunately, many individuals favor chiropractic treatment for its non-invasive nature. Through gentle adjustments, chiropractors can realign joints and the spine without resorting to surgery. Seeking chiropractic care promptly after an accident can significantly diminish the likelihood of needing surgery.


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