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Dr. Andy is the owner and main doctor at Moore Chiropractic in San Antonio. He has been in practice since 1988, graduating from Parker Chiropractic. Dr. Andy promises to provide undivided attention to your specific health and wellness needs. As a husband, father, and world class athlete, he understands first hand how important it is to be pain free and lead a vibrant and healthy lifestyle.

The past 17 years Dr. Andy has adopted Functional medicine into his Chiropractic practice. Functional medicine is the approach of treating the body at the cellular level. Thiss approach allows your body to heal itself. Through Functional medicine, autoimmune conditions such as Diabetes, Heart disease, Thyroid problems, Obesity, Weight loss, Depression, Fibromyalgia, to name a few are treated by allowing the body to heal itself. Dr. Andys’ dedication to the field of Chiropractic has meant that he has traveled thousands of miles and invested time and money in implementing the most advanced technologies to date in his practice. Dr. Andy is a great guest speaker giving talks on the benefits of Chiropractic as well as weight loss and all autoimmune conditions.

Dr. Andy is a world class runner and swimmer and has competed in many triathlons. He is also an exercise physiologist, so he can help you design a workout activity that specifically meets your concerns.


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